Representation of WW2 in the Memory Politics of the SFRY

Fourth Seminar for Everyone, 19.05.2012, 12-17h, Cultural Center REX

The fourth Seminar for Everyone will be focusing on the issue of the representation of World War II in memory politics and memory culture in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The speakers will focus on issues related to representation of the war, occupation, collaboration with the occupying forces, terror, the holocaust, genocide, war crimes, as well as the liberation and anti-fascist movement. The aim of the seminar is to explore the policies, techniques, strategies and tactics of representation of these historical events, their links to the ideologies of the ruling circles in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as their possible role in the degradation of these ideologies and the disintegration of the country.

Speakers: Vjeran Pavlaković (historian, University of Rijeka), Irena Šentevska (Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arts, Belgrade), Sezgin Bojnik (sociologist, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Helsinki) and Boško Prostran (political science specialist and film-maker, Belgrade).

As in the previous Seminars for Everyone, the presentations and the debate make scientific and specialist knowledge universally accessible and operational. For more information and to apply for attendance, please write to

The program is part of the project "A visit to Staro sajmište. Paths" and is realized with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg foundation.