The Representation of the Holocaust

The fifth "Seminar for Everyone" 20.11.2012, 12-17h, Cultural Center Rex, Jevrejska 16, Belgrade


The fifth "Seminar for Everyone" deals with the representation of the Holocaust in education, museums and art institutions. The aim is to exchange and discuss existing experiences, also with regard to the preparations for the establishment of a memorial center at the site of the former concentration camp Sajmište. Four speakers will introduce different strategies and practices of representing the Holocaust and concentration camps, and it will be discussed in how far they transfer and/or co-opt this historical experience.

Dr Nikola Suica, teaches at the Art Academy in Belgrade
Dr Andrej Šprah, film theory teaches at the Art Academy Ljubljana
Dr Sofia Grandakovska, cultural theory teaches at the Institute for Humanist Studies Euro Balkans, Skopje
Nikola Radic Lucati, artist and activist from Belgrade
Coordination: Nebojsa Milikić

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Organization and production: Cultural Centar Rex / Fond B92
Realized with support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeastern Europe